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A few years ago I sent “Summer Reading” unsolicited to the New York Times Book Review for the annual list of good reads for the summer. I got an encouraging and kind response and it never ran. I still like it. Here it is again just in time for summer. Happy reading.

Summer Reading by Ken Orvidas

Paul Bunyan, a giant lumberjack in American folklore finds himself in my growing series of images for “Myths, Fables and Fantastical Tales”. The subject of North American tall tales, Bunyan, accompanied by Babe the Blue Ox apparently made his debut in a 1916 promo piece for the Red River Lumber Company and became a legend of oral story telling. He’s been covered by Disney, the theatre and numerous statues.

Paul Bunyan by Ken Orvidas

Here’s another one to add to my series, “Myths, Fables and Fantastical Tales”.

Since Johnny Appleseed (aka John Chapman) was a real person, he will fit under Fantastical Tales. He was born in 1774 and became a legend while still alive. It is said he introduced apples to Pennsylvania, Ontario (Canada), Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and West Virginia. He was a missionary, gardener and orchardist. One can visit the historical site of the Johnny Appleseed Museum in Ohio. Not sure but perhaps he coined the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Johnny Appleseed by Ken Orvidas

Tis’ the political season and I thought I would bring Bill back for a bit. If Hillary wins he certainly will play a role in her presidency. I made this one by fooling around with some brushes I don’t use very often.

Bill Clinton by Ken Orvidas

Seeing Through Depression by Ken Orvidas

This just in, National Geographic reports on the discovery of a new species of Clownfish (also known as the Anemone Fish). Still found around tropical corral riffs, this new species seems to be especially happy and prone to playing tricks on other previously documented species.

Clownfish by Ken Orvidas

Last week in the middle of the afternoon we spied this Barred Owl in the cherry tree in our garden. It stayed in the tree for several hours before flying off. Later that day, just after dusk, it flew back and perched on one of my large metal sculptures and just behind it in a Weeping Alaskan Cedar we saw two fledglings. The mother was teaching the young ones how to hunt. Before dark they flew off into the woods. Since then we have had several sightings all around dusk or later. Because of the many trees and the plentiful bounty this little family finds our property a good fit.

Barred Owl - photo by Pat Orvidas

Barred Owl on Sculpture by Ken Orvidas

One more entry in my series “Myths, Fables and Fantastical Tales”.

Kelpie, a shape-shifting water spirit of Scottish folklore, typically takes the form of a horse, is reputed to delight in the drowning of travelers. It is also believed to have the ability to adopt the human form. Wear your life preservers everybody!

Kelpie by Ken Orvidas

Twenty years history was made by cloning an adult sheep. She was named Dolly. Today she is on display in a museum in Scotland.



Blinders by Ken Orvidas

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