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I have a solution for the Trump situation. Can him. No not as in “You’re Fired”. Pickle him. That’s right preserve. Hang with me, you’ll see. Label the front of the jar 2017 with an expiration date of NEVER. On the back list the ingredients lest they be forgotten. Lots of vinegar. Equal handfuls of misogyny, arrogance, vitriol, vulgarity, hate, incompetence, stupidity, lies, bluster and distrust. 3 tablespoons each yellow dye #5 and orange dye #3 and 1 teaspoon red dye #2. Remove the jar to a shelf, deep in a dark basement between the haricot vert green beans and Shishito peppers. Check every so often to make sure the jar seal hasn’t been broken. Leave the jar there for a long time. All the while remembering this failed experiment vowing never repeat it. Ever. Then let’s all work toward perfecting the next presidential recipe and make it savory with a pinch of sweet.

Canned by Ken Orvidas

Tis’ the political season and I thought I would bring Bill back for a bit. If Hillary wins he certainly will play a role in her presidency. I made this one by fooling around with some brushes I don’t use very often.

Bill Clinton by Ken Orvidas

Honored to have “Hirsute” chosen for the American Illustration 34 awards. Thanks to the judges.

Hirsute by Ken Orvidas

Hockney Portrait by Ken Orvidas

Lately I’ve been fooling around with whimsical portraits. Here’s Hockney with bright colors he might use and a cross hatch background.

Observer by Ken Orvidas

I’ve been experimenting with new, printed textures lately. This fun piece employs two out of the nine new ones. Look for more coming up.

You're Fired!  by Ken Orvidas

Happy Halloween from Ken Orvidas!

Gadhafi.Gone.  by Ken Orvidas

“A Graduation That May Carry Unnecessary Risk” is about transition, that is, outgrowing one’s pediatrician and the field of pediatrics.

NYTimes Science illustration by Ken Orvidas

pediatrician sketches

The Duke Cancer Report goes to a national audience of cancer physicians. The goal of the report is to enhance Duke’s reputation among these peer physicians as one of the country’s top cancer centers. Currently, Duke is building a new cancer facility that is expressly designed to improve the patient experience. I illustrated the cover of the report and three full page “portraits” of cancer survivors who were treated at Duke. The portraits are not meant to resemble the patients, rather they are collections of personal images that sum them up as people.

Duke Medicine. Cancer Report. Cover

Duke Medicine. Cancer Report. David.

Duke Medicine. Cancer Report. Todd.

Duke Medicine. Cancer Report. Isaiah.

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