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News Flash: During a routine physical exam, x-rays reveal a startling finding about Donald Trump.

Trump’s x-ray revealed by Ken Orvidas

President Trump has just voted against 60% of Americans by announcing he will pull the US out of the Paris Agreement. We should invest in our planet not turn it upside down.

Trump pulling out of Paris Agreement by Ken Orvidas

A few years ago I did monthly illustrations for Entrepreneur Magazine. As I was going through 2016 year end organizing I came upon this illustration about the tensions surrounding the EU and the US. Now that Brexit has occurred the issue is on the table again.

Brexit by Ken Orvidas

One from the archives. Notre Dame Alumni Magazine examines the sometimes blurry division between issues of church and state.

Church and State by Ken Orvidas

A piece I illustrated about USA Gambling that pretty much fits on this election day. Some call it a roll of the dice others call it something else.

USA Gambling by Ken Orvidas for Men's Health Magazine



At this point in time it’s no secret that there is horrible pollution in parts of China. It’s so bad in cities such as Bejing, citizens wear masks when outdoors or stay home. Asthma is showing up in young children. The good news is that China along with support from other nations has vowed to clean up their act and their environment.

Pollution by Ken Orvidas

Tis’ the political season and I thought I would bring Bill back for a bit. If Hillary wins he certainly will play a role in her presidency. I made this one by fooling around with some brushes I don’t use very often.

Bill Clinton by Ken Orvidas

Since the Chinese government subsidizes or partially subsidizes college educations, many students are reaping the benefits.

College Education in China by Ken Orvidas

Middle East Peace Talks by Ken Orvidas

Stop Poaching by Ken Orvidas

Stop Poaching by Ken Orvidas

Two weeks ago I had another opportunity to work with Keith Webb AD on a piece for the Week in Progress Column. The article was about Andrea Turkalo, who studied African Forest Elephants and became a world renowned expert. When war broke out she was forced to leave Africa for the US. Over the many years since, she continues her efforts to protect the elephants from ivory poachers who have killed about 62% of all African Forest Elephants.

Keith told me upfront that the editors were holding out for a photo from the author of the article but none had been sent yet. we agreed to go to sketches knowing that a photo might materialize at the last minute. Sure enough, the day before the piece was to run, the editors had their photo and my project ended at the sketch stage.

Since I favored one of the sketches in particular, I decided to take it to final and see how it would turn out. Here it is. “Stop Poaching”.

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