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Semiconductor companies are always looking for ways to build better chips. They cannot, however, afford to improve everything at once. Therefore, they look deep into a chip in order to understand the value created by specific features and capabilities. Chipmakers are looking through this “value lens” to better understand where on a chip the greatest returns can be found.

ROI for Chipmaking Companies by Ken Orvidas

All multinational companies, looking to enter African markets, face complexities. The most effective and efficient way to draw a route (to market) is to grasp the wide expanses of the African continent, its rural and urban areas, many cultures and tribes, and the transport and logistics networks.

Multination Companies Entering African Markets by Ken Orvidas

Cover art for The BCG publication, The Report, about the efficient use of financial resources to influence sustainability.

Finances Influence Sustainability by Ken Orvidas

Tens of thousands of workers, most of them part-timers earning low wages are forced to work under on-call scheduling. This system exposes them to last minute grappling with and balancing scheduled hours, on-call hours and the unpredictability of variations in income.

On-call Scheduling by Ken Orvidas

Managing the Unmanageable by Ken Orvidas

“Are Your Operations Ready for a Digital Revolution?”, is the title of this cover illustration for The Boston Consulting Group. Digitization in corporate operations is progressing at such a furious pace pace that companies need to embrace the new with the old while making both systems work in tandem until total digital operations is in effect without falling behind.

Operations Revolution by Ken Orvidas

My recent illustration is paired with the CEO letter in Korn Ferry Briefings Magazine titled, “Without People There Is No Show”. The CEO argues that the most valuable asset in an organization is the workforce and the talent they bring. This is in contrast to 67% of 800 leaders of multimillion dollar global businesses that rank technology as the top asset.

No Show Without People by Ken Orvidas

When employees are promoted to their first management role they are often given a welcome, a congratulations and little else. These “frontline leaders” can have the most impact on employee engagement and productivity yet they don’t know how to manage. Often, they are not given sufficient training, management tools and support to lead. They need constant learning opportunities and senior mentoring to develop into successful leaders.

Frontline Leaders by Ken Orvidas

This cover illustration is about how the flow of digital information/money is forever changing the banking industry. It’s very complex and on a mind boggling scale. The illustration is somewhat of a departure for me or least an experiment. It was difficult to distill the article into a singular, conceptual image so I decided on a more diagrammatical solution that involves many layers and international currency references. I think it depicts the feeling of movement around the globe and how the world is really one giant market.

Digital Corporate Banking by Ken Orvidas

My last image created in 2016 was for an article for Harvard Magazine that explores the reasons why some crowdsourcing efforts are more successful than others.

Crowd Sourcing by Ken Orvidas

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