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Managing the Unmanageable by Ken Orvidas

Happy news, one of my images was selected for the 33rd American Illustration Annual. Always an honor. Thank you judges.

GA Tree Services Website by Ken Orvidas

GA Tree Services Website

Thank you judges, Dave Plunkert, A.D. & Serbin Communications.

Chosen by American Illustration 31 - Ken Orvidas

Arcobaleno Calendar - The Future by Ken Orvidas

Founded in 1992, Arcobaleno (Social Rainbow Cooperative) is a business and community service organization in Turin, Italy. They provide door-to-door paper collection as well as bulky waste and hazardous material collection to the city of Turin. Every day tens of tons of material avoid ending up in landfills or worse, on abandoned public land. The money made through environmental services provides job opportunites to people who are socially disadvantaged thus, helping them become productive citizens and realize a better life.

I was invited to create an illustration for the month of December. My illustration is about hope and helping.

It was a pleasure to work with the Arcobaleno organization and the book designer, Andrea Bozzo.

Arcobaleno Sketches by Ken Orvidas

On October 19, 2011 I posted the Directory of Illustration cover to my blog along with a narrative introducing the work. Since the book had not been released yet I posted only the cover and not any of the inside illustrations. The book is now being distributed and I’m posting the cover along with the full page inside illustrations. The theme of the book #28 is “Very, Very Visionary”. Inside the book you’ll find “Eagle Eye”, “Eye of the Storm”, “Black-Eyed Susan”, “Apple of My Eye”, “Butterfleyes” and the DI issue page. Although, in the book most of the inside illustrations are in black and white, I decided to add color backgrounds. Thanks again Dave Plunkert the designer, Glen Serbin and everyone involved at Serbin Communications.

Directory of Illustration 28 Cover by Ken Orvidas

Directory of Illustration 28 by Ken Orvidas

Directory Cover Illustration by Ken Orvidas

Sometimes luck goes one’s way. So it did for me earlier this year when I was asked if I would provide a color illustration and five black and white illustrations for the new Directory of Illustration #28. I was also lucky to have worked with Dave Plunkert as the art director on this one. Dave suggested we try simple imagery versus complex and busy as we address the theme for the book, “very, very visionary”. So, the concept of “eye of the tiger”, “eagle eye”, “black-eyed susan”, “eye of the storm”, etc. was born. Since the cover image is now showing up in printed collateral as well as on the DI website I am able to publish it here. To see the black and white images you’ll have to nab your own copy of the book. I believe it comes out at the end of 2011. Thank you Dave P., Glen Serbin and everyone involved at Serbin Communications.

I was contacted by Dr. Jeff Harvey, an orthodontist in North Dakota seeking an illustration and a logo for his practice. After a few rounds of sketches we settled on this one. Doc Harvey liked the exploratory aspect of the image as well as the teeth that need some work. Thanks for the commission. This was quite out of the ordinary and a fun one.

Harvey Orthodontics Logo by Ken Orvidas

Harvey/Ames Logo

Harvey Orthodontics Sketches

Produced by the Northwest Film Center in Portland, Oregon; PIFF is in it’s 34th year. Welcomed ideas addressed crossing international boundaries by using time zones and clocks, some film imagery and the light bulb which has become an icon for the festival. Originally created for the PIFF poster, my illustration has been repurposed for bus sides, ads, outdoor banners, store windows, collateral, web banners, T-shirts and buttons. Posters are on sale for $10 at the Northwest Film Center. Thank you Sally Morrow and Sandstrom Partners for this fun project.

PIFF Poster

Museum PIFF Poster

Macy's PIFF Display

Macy's PIFF Display

Northwest Film Center

I’m featured on Aqua-Velvet this month. Check it out. (Update: Amy Collier has retired her art and design blog Aqua-Velvet of images from 2009-2014.)

Ken Orvidas

Working with the folks at Siegel and Gale, NY I created an image that would appear as a window decal in boutique shops around Seattle. The idea is to work with local artists around the country. Each artist would create an image that gets at the heart of their particular city. After a round of pencil sketches and color comps I took this one to final. The outdoors, salmon and coffee are almost equally important to the people of Seattle with the edge going to coffee.

amex decal

amex seattle sketches

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