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Mindfulness Hijacked

After hearing that today is National Cupcake Day, I was reminded of an illustration I did for the Yoga Journal. The story was about a yoga class that happened to be located over a cupcake bakery. Needless to say, mindfulness practice was damn near impossible. So, here’s to National Cupcake Day!

I learned a few weeks back that my Car Sharing originally created for The Boston Consulting Group, Kim Friedman, AD; was voted into Annual 55. Many thanks to the judges. (illustrationwest.org/55) went live January 6, 2017. Check out all of the beautiful, exhibited work.

Car Sharing by Ken Orvidas

At this point in time it’s no secret that there is horrible pollution in parts of China. It’s so bad in cities such as Bejing, citizens wear masks when outdoors or stay home. Asthma is showing up in young children. The good news is that China along with support from other nations has vowed to clean up their act and their environment.

Pollution by Ken Orvidas

This archived image accompanied a report about the relationships between parent companies and their “spinoff” companies.

Spinoffs by Ken Orvidas

Adapting to changes in our healthcare system. by Ken Orvidas

According to a new Focus report entitled, What’s Ahead for Car Sharing”, among younger, urban dwellers car sharing will claim a growing share of small car driving. They are opting for the “greener”, less expensive alternative of driving a shared car.

Car Sharing by Ken Orvidas

This from my archives. Convene Magazine takes a look at the benefits of carbon offset and how it works.

Carbon Offset by Ken Orvidas



Here’s a couple of images done for On Earth Magazine about discovering forgotten, rare apples.

Rare Apples by Ken Orvidas

Rare Apples 2 by Ken Orvidas

The feature story is a kind of “state of the union” on ebook publishing. The bottom line is if kids are going to read them, ebooks need to act more like apps to make the content come alive versus just digital print versions.

ebooks by ken orvidas

Originally this was a sketch for an article about the need for businesses to transform at the core level in order to compete and survive. The client went with another idea that I’ll post later. I liked this one too and decided to work it up.

Transformation by Ken Orvidas

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