The Christian documents, Nashville Statement and Reforming Catholic Confession, attempt to unite but by their nature suggest division. Signing one or both is not the issue. Despite the divisions that these documents might create, the hope is that they can be starting points for engagement and discussion.

Documents Unite by Ken Orvidas

Scholars have determined that Evangelicalism is not a radical new idea. It is present in the ancient roots of the Christianity.

Bureaucracy for Believers by Ken Orvidas

People understand that their personalities, values, and tastes have evolved over their lives. Now imagine yourself in ten years. The picture in your mind is probably little changed from the person you are today. Timothy Wilson, a Harvard psychologist, conducted a study and concluded that people regard the present as a watershed moment at which they have finally become the person they will be for the rest of their lives. This phenomenon is called ‘The End of History Illusion”. Link to article.

The End of History Illusion by Ken Orvidas

The art director was after a vibrant, celebratory image set in a Vera Cruz like plaza, filled with adults and children enjoying the Christmas season. Since I’m a concept-driven illustrator, this was a change for me and enjoyable. No concept but it is sure colorful and happy. Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad by Ken Orvidas

Semiconductor companies are always looking for ways to build better chips. They cannot, however, afford to improve everything at once. Therefore, they look deep into a chip in order to understand the value created by specific features and capabilities. Chipmakers are looking through this “value lens” to better understand where on a chip the greatest returns can be found.

ROI for Chipmaking Companies by Ken Orvidas

All multinational companies, looking to enter African markets, face complexities. The most effective and efficient way to draw a route (to market) is to grasp the wide expanses of the African continent, its rural and urban areas, many cultures and tribes, and the transport and logistics networks.

Multination Companies Entering African Markets by Ken Orvidas

Cover art for The BCG publication, The Report, about the efficient use of financial resources to influence sustainability.

Finances Influence Sustainability by Ken Orvidas

Tens of thousands of workers, most of them part-timers earning low wages are forced to work under on-call scheduling. This system exposes them to last minute grappling with and balancing scheduled hours, on-call hours and the unpredictability of variations in income.

On-call Scheduling by Ken Orvidas

Managing the Unmanageable by Ken Orvidas

A nutrition expert looked at incomes, zip codes and proximity to stores and found the metric with the clearest correlation with obesity and physical activity was property value. The higher the healthier. Link to article.

Obesity in Your Neighborhood? by Ken Orvidas

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